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Thus did We establish Yusuf (Joseph) in the land, that We might teach him the interpretation of events. And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not. [Yusuf 12:21]

Welcome to the NABI YUSUF Homepage

Bismillah hir-rahmaan nir-raheem. Assalaam alaykum warahamatullahi wabarakatuh.
(In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful. Peace Be Upon You.)

This site aspires to review the life of Nabi Yusuf, upon whom be peace, which Allah calls "The Best of Stories." in Al-Qur'an. From a religious perspective, this story gives access to the experience and guidance of one of Allah's chosen and guided servants. From a literary perspective, this story carries as much plot and character as any classic or modern work.

By exploring the implications of his life, the reader can take many clear lessons about the reality of life, human personality, and the way to lead a successful life. Visitors to this site are encouraged to give their insights to the wisdom (hikmah) contained within its verses.

To effectively understand the lessons from the story first hand, it is necessary to read the story at least ten times. I recommend printing it out for serious study. Only in this way can it have a real impact on increasing your spirtiuality and religiousity. Hey, nothing meaningful in life is without struggle. And that is precisely part of the wisdom of the story. Enjoy!


Jafar Kareem

Available Sections

Read the Story of Nabi Yusuf
Chapter 12 of the Qur'an
Read the Hikmah (Wisdom) of the Story
Contemplate the Wisdom!
Add your Insights to the Story
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Success According to the Qur'an
What Does Allah Say Constitutes Success?
About Jafar Kareem
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Interesting Islamic Links
Islam, Indonesia, and Anwar Ibrahim
Parental Advice from Willy Wonka
Raise your kids to be as good as Nabi Yusuf
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