Success According to the Qur'an


  1. Thalimoon : polytheists, wrongdoers, evildoers, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah.
  2. Mujrimoon : criminal, sinner, disbeliever, polytheist
  3. Kafiroon : disbeliever in Allah and His Oneness, polytheist, pagans, idolators
  4. Magicians : who perform tricks, regardless of skill level

Basically these are the ones who "invent a lie against Allah" by their association of partners (shirk) or reject his Ayat (signs). This disbelief includes denying their meeting with Allah in the next life by giving it no thought. Indeed, they were warned, but this life has deceived them and their wretchedness has overtaken them. They are the ones whose good deeds are few and who do evil acts (such as Zina). They corrupt themselves and rebel against the truth with pride. They are ungrateful for their provision and have stayed with the religion of their forefathers, such as the Magicians who call the truth as clear magic. Both will be "swallowed up" and will abide in Hell.

(cf. Verses 6:21, 31, 135; 10:17, 69, 77; 12:23; 18:20; 20:69; 23:103, 117; 28:37, 82; 91:10)


According to Allah in the Qur’an, the way to be successful is to Fear Him much, and to love and remember Him much, as well as often mentioning His Name. This also involves remembering His Graces upon you, worshipping Him, and begging His forgiveness. The main principles for being successful are comprised of obeying Allah and His Messenger, doing your duty to Him, seeking the means of approach to Him, by abstaining from that which is bad and doing that which is good. We need to strive hard in His Cause as much as we can, have patience, and avoid haughtiness. The way to success involves performing some specific deeds, while avoiding the taking of some specific actions, such as performing Salat and refusing to perform sins. The Qur’an mentions the following ten actions/abstentions:

1 . Enter houses through their proper doors, not through the back.
2 . Eat not Riba’ (Usury/Interest).
3 . Endure and be more patient than your enemy.
4 . Guard your territory with army units.
5 . Don’t dispute when you meet the enemy.
6 . Take a firm stand when you meet the enemy.
7 . Bow down and prostrate (Salat).
8 . (Women) lower gaze and protect private parts.
9 . Women not to show their adornment and draw over their veil.
10 . Avoid intoxicants, gambling and divining.

(cf. Verses 2:189; 3:130, 200; 5:35, 90, 100; 7:69; 8:45; 22:77; 24:31; 62:10)


1. What Constitutes the Great, Obvious, Supreme Success

Who is admitted to abide in Gardens.
Allah is pleased with them, and they with Him.
Who is averted from the torment of a Mighty Day.
The Good Pleasure of Allah.
The Bargain that Allah gives Paradise for the believer’s lives.
Will be directed to good deeds and sins will be forgiven.

2. Concerning Who Will Enter the Gardens (Paradise)

Who obeys Allah and His Messenger admitted to Gardens.
The Truthful will get Gardens to abide in forever.
Allah promises the believers Gardens forever.
Allah has purchased the believers lives for Paradise.
There is glad tidings for the believing Auliyah of Allah in the hereafter.

3. It is the Believers Who Are the Successful

Allah promises to the believers Gardens forever.
Allah has purchased the lives of the believers.
The Auliyah of Allah who believed have glad tidings.
Who said "We believe, forgive us and have mercy on us."
Successful are the believers.
Who believe in the Messenger and Ghaib (unseen).
The Messenger and those who believed.
The faithful believers who come to the call of Allah and His Messenger (for judgement).
Who repented and believed.
Who believe in Allah and the Last Day, the Hereafter, and in what has been sent down of revelation (now and before), and perform Al’wala wal Bara.

4. Keep Your Duty to Allah, Fear and Obey Him

"Who obeys Allah and His Messenger."
Keep you duty to Allah, Fear Him, as much as you can.
"We hear and we obey."
Listen and obey.
Fear and Love Allah much.

5. Others Who Are Successful

Who purifies himself (by accepting Islam and rejecting disbelief).
Who perform Salat, pay Zakat, and remember Allah’s name.
The truthful, who always speak the truth.
Who fight in His Cause, stove and fought hard with their life and wealth.
The Emigrant (the one who emigrated for his religion), and those who love them, are not jealous of them, and give preference to them.
The Patient.
Those who ask for forgiveness and mercy.
Those who say "We hear and we obey."
Those who concentrate in Salat and guard their prayers.
Those who pay the Zakat, and spend from their provision to kindred, poor, and the wayfarer.
Those who guard their Chastity (purity).
Those who are true to their Amanat and covenants.
Those who turn away from useless, bad, or evil talk.
Those who do Al’Maruf, forbid Al-Munkar, take At-Tayyibat, and abstain from Al-Khabaith.
Those (the group) who invites to good, enjoin Al-Ma’ruf, forbid Al-Munkar.
Whose scale of good deeds is heavy, and did righteous deeds.
Who made Allah and His Messenger as judge.
Those who repented.
Those who spend in Charity.
The "Party of Allah."
The "Muttaqeen" (pious).

6. Concerning Nabi Muhammad

Those who obey, follow, believer, honor, and help him (SAW).
Those who follow the light with which he (SAW) has been sent down (Al-Qur’an, etc.).

7. Benefits for the Successful

Allah pleased with them, they with Him.
Averted from torment, removed from Fire.
Enter paradise.
Good pleasure of Allah.
Directed to do good deeds.
Sins forgiven.
Not deceived by this life.
Rewarded for their patience (even though they were mocked).
They are on guidance.
They will get the good things.
Faith is written for them and they are strengthened.

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